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Green Color Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

Green Color Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

1. Description of Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine Light Gauge Steel Structure building is more and more popular. Comparing with the traditional reinforced concrete building structure, LGS structure is much straighter, stronger and safer. Meantime, The LGS structure has lower maintenance costs....

1. Description of Light Gauge Steel Framing Machine

Light Gauge Steel Structure building is more and more popular. Comparing with the traditional reinforced concrete building structure, LGS structure is much straighter, stronger and safer.

Meantime, The LGS structure has lower maintenance costs. Experience substantial savings over long term. Less expensive because steel can save up to 60% on utility costs.. You will save $75,000.


For example:

If you save $50/month, at 8% interest rate, how much do you think you will accumulate in 30 years.

Lower insurance costs due to upgraded safety factors.

Lowered maintenance costs due to material’s durability and resilience.

Higher resale values

Steel is dimensionally stable, so it’s not affected by temperature, humidity and climatic changes. And not only because of steel’s strength, but its resiliency and construction techniques as well, light gauge steel, unlike stick framed homes, can be engineered to the highest seismic rating available for residential buildings.

In the other hand, as we all know, steel is the No.1 recycled material in the worldwide. There is more steel recycled every year than aluminum, plastic and glass combined. Each year approximately 10 million vehicles are recycled (enough to circle the earth about 1 and 1/2 times). Each ton of recycled steel saves 1400 lbs. of coal and 2500 lbs. of iron ore (with 98% of mined ore used for making steel). And every year the recycling of steel saves the energy equivalent of electrically powering 1 out of 5 US households for one year.

LEBRON-Machinery is one of top brands of LGS frame construction equipment, which is specialized in speed and stability. It is a leading manufacture of light gauge steel framing house production solutions with the integration of hardware and software.

2. Major technical parameters of the LGS Framing Machine Line



Automatic Decoiler

Loading weight


Coil Inner Diameter




Roll Forming Machine





Roller grade

Material: high quality GCr15 bearing steel.

Rollers Processing Technique 

CNC machining, heat treatment HRC58-60,then processed by CNC lathe, plating finally

Shaft grade

40Cr Steel

 Shafts Processing Technique

CNC machining, quenching and tempering HRC28-32,then processed by CNC lathe, plating and polishing finally

Punching Device


(dimpling with screw holes,service hole,web notch,lip notch, truss end chamfer, swage, crimp)

Control System

Control Device

One Lenovo laptop, a control box inside of based frames of the machine

Design Software

Special designed to match with the designing software Vertex

Leaser Printing Device

USA Matthews Leaser Printing Device for painting spray logo and installation indicating number

Remote-control device

Wireless remote-controller controls machine to go forward or backward or stop

Main brands

PLC(self-developed),Relay (Schneider), proximity switch(Schneider), Encoder(Omron), Servo Motor(Xinjie)

Servo System and Hydraulic System

Servo motor

5.5kw, taking with precision planetary gear reducer

Hydraulic Station

7.5KW; Hydraulic oil injection 200 litre

Run-out Table



3. General Introduction


Windows system touch panel. Quick importing NC instructions Via network or USB interface.


Visual work process monitoring


Vertex BD Software


German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system. Quick loading and unloading mould design


High quality die steel. Vacuum hardening treatment. CNC Machine Center Finishing


Built-in maintenance free ink jet printer


Perfect forming. Accurate sizing 

4. Installation service

a.We cam send the technicians to the buyer’s location to install the machine and offer the training.

b.Installation period is around 5 days. The buyer should have been prepared for the steel sheet, foundation position the machine before seller’s technicians departure.

c.The buyer should arrange the accommodation, food and traffic in the destination 

d.Training period: 2 days. (we can supply training on the operation spot if buyer needs)




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