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Why Did Some Enterprises Fail In Cold Roll Forming Projects?
Jul 11, 2018

The success of cold roll forming projects involves many factors, such as market sales, product quality, and the supply problems caused by the normal production of machines.


We are the manufacturers of cold roll forming machines. In this article, we mainly discuss the failure of the production of the roll forming machines. And the equipment can not be normal production mainly involves the following factors.


First, the project failed due to the failure of equipment accuracy.


The precision of the cold roll forming machine is not enough, and the products produced do not meet the market demand. But if the precision is not the design problem of the roll forming machine itself, it is necessary to revise the rollers again, or even need to be reprocessed (the original scrap). To deal with these problems is endless, and the time will be longer. And this kind of problem is difficult to deal with in the customer factory. There are many processes, and it is very complicated.


Two, the quality of the equipment is unstable, resulting in the failure of the project. The quality of equipment is unstable and the failure rate of equipment is high, which is also the reason for the failure of direct projects. If you buy some equipment that is not in good condition, and then Jerry building, the equipment will easily fail, resulting in failure to produce normally.


Three, the equipment factory after-sales service can not keep up with the failure of the project. The after-sales service of the cold roll machine equipment manufacturers is very important, and any one of the products may have troubles, and for the cold roll forming machine, sometimes some problems need very professional personnel to handle well. Therefore, if the equipment can not get the long-term tracking service of the manufacturer's professionals, the normal operation of the equipment may also be affected.


Four, no professional boot crew caused the project failure. Cold roll forming machine needs trained professionals to open and maintain, the long-term stable operation of the equipment, to a large extent, related to normal maintenance and maintenance, can not wait until a major failure to think of professional personnel to deal with, so it is more troublesome to deal with. Or usually do not pay attention to maintenance, when problems arise, it may be overhauled.

The above mentioned problems will directly affect the failure of the molding project to produce normally, resulting in the failure of the project. Therefore, if the capital strength is not enough, the business will drag on for too long, the customer will run away, and the capital will be gradually consumed until the capital operation is abnormal. You can imagine, this kind of problem, there is no sales income, and the constant consumption of factory rent, personnel and wages and other expenses, a few enterprises can support the living?