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Why Choose LGS C Purlin
May 10, 2018

LGS C Purlin is produced by cold roll forming technology, Its thickness is thin, weight is light, cross section capacity is good, strength is high. Compared with the traditional channel steel, under the same strength condition, LGS C Purlin can save 30% materials.


Suitable Application: LGS C Purlins are widely used in various kinds of steel structure constructions. They can also be combined into lightweight building roofs, brackets and other building components. In addition, they can also be used for columns, beams in mechanical light manufacturing. Steel structure industry is usually divided into 5 sub categories: light steel structure, high-rise steel structure, residential steel structure, space steel structure and bridge steel structure. Steel structures are widely used in various construction projects, such as steel bridges, steel plants, steel gates, large scale piping and containers, high-rise buildings and tower track organizations.


The advantages of the LGS structure


1. Self-weight is light

2. Stability and reliability is high

3. The anti vibration (earthquake) and impact resistance of the steel is good

4. The degree of industrialization of steel structure manufacturing is high

5. The steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly

6. The interior space of steel structure is large

7. It is easy to make a seal structure

8. LGS structure is not easy to corrode

9. The fire resistance of steel structure is poor

10. The steel structure can be recycled

11. The construction period of LGS structure is short