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What Should Be Noticed Before Start The Cold Roll Forming Machine?
Aug 14, 2018

Are you familiar with the Gutter Roll Forming Machine? Do we know what should be noticed before start the Gutter Roll Forming Machine?


Normally, the cold roll forming machine mainly includes the following inspections before starting.


(1). Whether the joints are solid, loose or not, and whether the rotating parts are flexible or not stuck.


(2). Whether the lubrication parts of the equipment is good, whether the oil quantity is sufficient, and whether the lubrication oil in each transmission gear box is above the oil gauge line.


(3). After the above inspection, start slip motor of the gutter roll forming machine to carry out a load test operation, mainly to check whether there is abnormal, wait until the end of the airlift, check whether the temperature rise of each rotating part is normal, and whether there are leakage of oil and so on, and whether fasteners are fastened or not, if problems should be solved in time.


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