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What Is The Potential And Prospects Of Roll Formed Steel Market?
Aug 28, 2018

In recent years, the market demand of roll formed steel in our country is increasing day and day,  the application scope is expanding constantly, and the market prospect is very broad. At present, it is urgent to develop stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high strength and ultra-high strength low alloy roll-formed steel. Ultra-thick, Ultra-thin series of high-difficulty complex section roll-formed steel products are also very urgent to develop.




Roll-formed steel is a kind of special-shaped steel which was produced by roll forming machines. They have the important advantages of light weight and high strength. It is a new material with high efficiency and economy which is widely used in our country. Since the reform and opening up, with the acceleration of China's economic construction, the roll-formed steel has been gradually accepted by the market. At present, there are hundreds of cold-formed steel enterprises in China, with an annual production capacity of about 2 million tons, of which only 5 large and medium-sized state-owned backbone enterprises, with an annual output of about 300-400,000 tons. The output of roll formed steel made in China accounts for only 1.2% of the total steel products. Compared with the proportion of 5% developed abroad, the development potential is great.


China's roll-formed steel market has great potential and broad prospects, but the focus should be on the development of roll-formed steel which has new high-tech, high-quality, high value-add.   Meantime, we should also focus on the roll-formed steel production technology research, roll forming machine’s development and production and so on.