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What Are The Main Roll Formed Steel Products?
Aug 27, 2018

Now, in China, the main types of roll formed profiles which produced by the Cold Roll Forming Machine are: Structure use roll forming rectangular pipe, Structure use roll forming square pipe, Car profile roll forming machine, Shutter doors roll forming machine, windows frame roll forming machine, low-pressure fluid transmission welded pipe roll forming machine, cold-bending section steel for construction, and so on.


They have been widely used in construction, machinery, nuclear power, automobiles, railways, agricultural machinery, chemical, petroleum, refrigeration, food, textile, medical, supermarkets, containers and other industries and civil industries.


At present, especially in emerging industries, their demand for roll formed steel presents a trend of "large volume and large ares". At present, the number of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high strength and ultra-high strength low alloy steel roll formed steels produced in China is very small and need to be imported. Roll-formed steel products with advanced development direction and complex section, ultra-thick, ultra-thin, series of cold-formed steel, the potential market is considerable, the development prospects are broad.


Now these kinds of roll-formed steel products which produced by roll forming machine are still very few in China, many products are still blank, some can only rely on imports to make up. For example, the annual consumption of galvanized roll-formed steel for luxury passenger cars is at least 3000 tons. At present, imported products are mainly used, and the demand is still rising.