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What Are The Factors For The Price Of Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jul 20, 2018

When friends buy a cold roll forming machine, they will think about the price and how does the manufacturer set the price? What factors impact on the price of the equipment? I engaged in this industry for many years, according to experience of the cold roll forming machine industry, know the general factory price of a machine is based on what factors to decide. Today I'd like to make a brief introduction, so that my friends know how to make an offer to buy a high cost-effective product when they buy a cold roll forming machine.


Tell you what determines the price of a cold roll forming machine

The pricing factors of a cold roll forming machine include:

1, the complexity of the machine, that is, the complexity of the custom-made product profile you need, if you want to the more complex the production profile, so need to customize the cold bending machine is more complex, need the more number of sets of roll, also takes longer production cycle,the debug time will be longer and problems will be more and more after-sale.

2, the size of the customized profile, if a material is very small, need to customize the cold roll forming machine is relatively small, less roll materials, the whole machine will be relatively small, use of steel as well as all aspects of the configuration will be smaller. The price of the machine is also relatively low, whereas the price of the machine will increase with the size of the profile you want to customize.

3. Degree of integration automation. This will also increase the production cycle and debugging time of the machine, and the components of the whole automatic line will also increase, which will also increase the price of the whole machine.


4. Your requirements on workpiece precision and surface. The higher requirements in these aspects, the higher precision of the cold roll forming machine required, the more complex of the production. Such as you require to produce a high requirement of material surface, roll the processing time is not the same program, polishing and chrome plated surface, so that it will increase the cost of production of the roll.


5. The cost of after-sales service, which is generally considered according to the complexity of the machine, will be calculated in advance by the manufacturer. The more difficult the machine is, the higher the manufacturer's estimated after-sales cost. Above these, will have an effect on the price of cold roll forming machine. Therefore, before ordering the refrigeration bending equipment, we should make a detailed request in the above mentioned factors to the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can work out better price and better service.