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What Are The Advantages Of High Strength Roll Formed Profile?
Aug 15, 2018

Roll formed profile, which is a finished product of steel, is mainly used to make light steel structures with various complex shapes and can be used to improve the strength of the steel.


In cold-formed steel, there is a kind of high strength roll formed steel profile. What are its advantages? Here is the brief introduction.


The advantages of high strength roll formed steel profile are as follows:


(1). It has a good economic cross section characteristic, it can choose the appropriate section form according to the force condition of the component, give full play to the characteristic of the section and make the roll formed steel profile become more economical and reasonable.


(2). Cross section material is reasonable in distribution, large in radius of rotation, and energy consumption in bending and torsion resistance.


(3). There are many kinds of specifications, and there are many kinds of sizes, not single ones.


(4). High strength and good anti-corrosion performance.


(5). Its weather resistance is good and its processing cost is low, so its economic benefit is more significant.


(6) . It can effectively save resources and energy, but also can reduce processing costs and avoid pollution to the environment.

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