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The Way To Install Solar Strut Channel Supports Is Universal.
Oct 19, 2018

The manufacturer of strut channel roll forming machine chooses a reasonable connection form for different conditions of solar strut supports, and strives to design and achieve: safe, applicable, economical, reasonable and beautiful, strut channel roll forming machine to adapt to and reflect the purpose of civilized production, while reducing the project cost as far as possible, so that the limited investment as soon as possible to form production capacity. To achieve the best economic benefits, the following details are given to the installation of PV scaffolds.


(1). Installation of photovoltaic support equipment: Place the anchor bolt holes of the front and rear columns on the anchor bolts of the completed concrete foundation; check the correctness of the front and rear columns; adjust the length direction of the front and rear columns to coincide with the center line of the pillars; measure and adjust the horizontal degree of the front and rear columns with the level meter or horizontal pipe; and use the vertical ball Adjust the verticality of the column.


(2). Photovoltaic support equipment crossbeam installation: according to the design requirements of spacing, end length to determine the position of the crossbeam, the crossbeam bolt tightened, horizontal and vertical, reliable connection, in order to ensure that the crossbeam fixed on the square of the battery plate, should be in advance of the crossbeam regulation, diagonal measurement adjustment to ensure that the diagonal deviation is allowed. Within the range of deviation.


(3). After the installation of the cable-stayed rod of the photovoltaic support equipment, the cable-stayed rod of the column and the bolt of the tightening rod keep the whole support parts under uniform force.