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The Operation Specification Of PLC Control System Of The Color Steel Tile Roll Forming Machine
Jun 14, 2018

One, Computer Screen


1. Frequency converter is a very important part of cold roll forming machine, and the user can not operate it. It is more important to guard against the rain.


2. After turned on, press any key enter into the main picture screen. The main picture shows the length, plan, completion, progress, operation, manual, and selection keys to choose one of them.  The size of the item can be set with the digital key. C and CE are all zero bonds, the length is the length of the rolled plate, the unit is millimeter, meter, The value is to suppress the number of the plate type, the completion value is the amount that has been rolled, the progress is the length rolled during the rolling process, when the progress value is equal to the length value, the system will stop, and automatically cut, the completion of the number of automatic plus one.


3. The user must first set the length and the number of plans, and then select the Run option through the [Select] key, then press the [confirm] button to achieve automatic operation. When the completion number is less than the plan, the system is running until the two is equal; when the number is greater than or equal to the planned number, the system is started, only a piece of plate is rolled and it is automatically stopped after the cutting is finished. Press [reset] key to stop.


Two, PLC cabinet panel of color steel tile press


1. Forward and backward are controlled by frequency converter, and its speed can be controlled by the high speed/low speed switch on the panel. In automatic operation, the speed switch must be placed at high speed.


2. The oil pump switch is used to control the start and stop of the oil pump. Before running, please turn on the oil pump to provide pressure for the hydraulic system. After the operation of the oil pump, pay attention to whether the direction of operation should be consistent with the direction of the arrow. If not, please exchange the three-phase electric two of the oil pump motor with each other.


3. The undercut and return button controls the operation of the cutter. If the pressing and return buttons are not valid, we should generally consider whether the oil level of the hydraulic tank is too low. In addition, the operation of the limit switch will stop automatically when the cutter cuts down and returns.