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The Market Prospect Of The Metal Profiles Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jun 30, 2018

Cold Roll Formed Metal Profiles, which belongs to economic section steel, is also a kind of high efficiency and energy saving material. It is a new type of steel with strong vitality. It is widely used in various fields of national economy. Its application can be divided into highway guardrail, steel structure, automobile, container, steel mould board and scaffolding, railway vehicle, ship and ship. Bridge, steel sheet pile, transmission tower, and other 10 major categories.


After a large number of information collection and investigation and analysis, Ding Guoliang predicted that the current domestic cold bending steel demand is about 5 million 972 thousand tons, to "11th Five-Year" will increase to 8 million 450 thousand tons.


In recent years, the understanding of the Metal Profiles Cold Roll Forming Machine has been greatly improved, the shape of the cold bending steel section can be very complex, the production equipment and process are relatively simple, the one-time investment is small, the horse is fast, the organization and production are flexible, the length, width, thickness are optional, no first batch limit system; the product surface is smooth and the dimensional precision is high; The same section shape and size performance can save metal 15-50%. Although the unit price is higher than the hot rolled section, the cost of the project is still lower than the common material. These specialties determine the characteristics of his strong vitality. The Cold Roll Formed Metal Profiles will be welcomed by the various industries and departments of the national name economy.



At present, the super powerful cold-formed machinery manufacturing is in Germany. We need at least twenty years of development from Germany's ultra high-end enterprises. What we can do is to learn more. Only by learning more knowledge can we acquire more wealth and information. Only when we have capital can we go further. We are only a little stronger than a small number of western countries and small countries in Asia, so we are barely known as a big exporter of machinery. If we really want to be strong, we need more and more responsible people from enterprises. Only when big enterprises succeed in going out, can Chinese people become richer and stronger. The power of an enterprise is endless. It can drive the whole region's economy and help many reemployment people.