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The Characteristics Of Domestic Cold Roll Forming Machine Industry
Aug 25, 2018

 present, the domestic  Cold Roll Forming Machine industry has developed tremendously. The scale of production continues to expand, the number of machinery production is increasing, and the application field is expanding.


In addition, the whole industry has the following characteristics:


One. Information exchange and sharing of Roll Forming industries is strengthening


The rapid development of Cold Roll Forming Machine industry, to a certain extent, intensified the competition between enterprises; and the direct consequences of the competition, one is  promoted the development of the industry, the second is accelerated the pace of withdrawal of backward enterprises, provides a convenient condition for the industry resources reorganization.


Years of development and competition have made many enterprises with comparable strength realize that competition is not as good as competition and harmony, that closed information is not as good as strengthening exchanges and sharing, that domestic enterprises must unite to participate in the competition on the world stage, and their common competitors are foreign counterparts. Under this situation, the China Cold Roll Forming Industry Association has organized domestic enterprises to study in the United States, Japan, Germany, Norway, Sweden and other countries and regions for many times. This has not only enabled enterprises to learn the advanced experience of the same industry abroad, appreciated the advanced level of the world Cold Roll Forming Machine industry, broadened their horizons, but also strengthened enterprises in their activities. The exchange of information provides a platform for resources sharing among enterprises.


Two, the division of labor is increasingly obvious. The Professionalization and Specialization is strengthening.


At present, most of the Roll Forming Machine manufacturers in China are no longer confined to the idea of seeking perfection in the past, but to seek small and refined, and the division of labor is becoming increasingly obvious. Some manufacturers specialize in small-sized profiles, some manufacturers specialize in special-shaped profiles, and some manufacturers specialize in large size profiles.


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