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Steel Structure House Constructions Enforce A Great Demand Of The Metal Roll Forming Machines
May 07, 2018

With the development of the social economy, we already have the basis to promote housing industrialization. This is also the demand of continuously development. Steel structure housing is one form of the industrialization. It is good for the progress of the construction industry, good for increase the alloy’s industry’s request, enforce the development of the saving energy and environment-protection construction materials.   

Through recent years’ experience of the steel structure housing industrialization, people greatly realize that we should do some application basis research on the steel housing technology development. We can’t understand that steel structure housing is the steel structure. The development of the supporting equipment and spare parts should follow up. It’s a system project, have the industrialization ability. So, we should make it complete step by step.

Our country’s house constructions are developing rapidly. This is greatly increasing the social economy. But, our house construction technology is backward, still in the extensive production stage, the labor productivity is only 1/4 of the developed countries; the equipment material of color steel is still based on traditional materials, the proportion of new wall materials is low; the housing industrialization has not been formed, the construction cost is high, the production time is long, the residential energy consumption is big, and the ecological environment quality deteriorates. This situation is difficult to satisfy the residents' dual requirements of the quantity and quality, nor can it satisfy the requirements of the housing industry becoming an economic growth point. In addition to the main factors of social-economy development, there are policy guidance and positive driving role of government departments.  

The development of structural residential technology enterprises must be Real Estate Company, whose products are houses and enterprise brands. Technological development, building materials development and housing construction can not be interrupted, thus forming an industrial chain.