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Roll Forming Machine Twist Solution
Apr 26, 2018

Roll forming machine twist solution:

1. The calculation of the neutral layer in the deformation zone is accurate, the calculation of the material in the deformation zone is accurate, and the symmetry of the roller processing is good.

2, the non-deformation area as far as possible without pressure (such as the bottom of the slide), the upper and lower rollers in the assembly area to maintain the same space.

3. Before the material is bitten in, the guide ramp should be set according to the rolling state of the front lane. Before the stable pressure, the material slides smoothly in the roll.

4. Accuracy of the roller processing is the key. For this purpose, a special tool is specially produced under the projector and the detection is performed at a magnification of 20 times.

5, the main drive side, the use of roller cone bearings, to ensure that the spindle radial runout within 0.04MM or less, to ensure that the spindle will not move around, the ordinary ball bearing its own gap, in the precise transmission can not avoid axial turbulence.

6. The problem of bending distortion in production is mainly caused by unbalanced forces, left and right forces unbalanced, left and right bending, and unbalanced upper and lower forces, resulting in distortion. Solution: Balanced force design, accurate processing, easy installation and adjustment.

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