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Roll Former
Jan 31, 2018

Roll forming methods use a series of continuous stands to roll stainless steel into complex shapes.

After a series of continuous sheet metal plate, to achieve a continuous deformation, access to the shape of the predetermined processing technology. The order of the rollers is designed such that the roll form per rack continuously deforms the metal until the desired final shape is obtained. If parts are complex shapes, up to 36 racks can be used, but simple-shaped parts, three or four racks will do.

The use of roll forming technology to produce large quantities of long parts the most economical. The width of strip is 2.5 ~ 1500mm, the thickness is 0.25 ~ 3.5mm. The shape of the machined parts ranges from simple to complex, closed sections.

In general, the use of roll forming processes is economical only with production rates above 30,000 meters due to the high tooling costs and installation costs. However, it is not yet clear how to pilot-produce stainless steel with roll-forming machines using carbon steel profiles. In this case, care must be taken to avoid surface contamination or galling, and the equipment still needs to be left with cold work hardening and a high rebound margin.

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