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Operation Instructions For Cold Bending Forming Machine (PLC Control Cabinet)
Jun 06, 2018

1.Operation instructions (PLC Control Cabinet)

When open the machine, the screen first displays the Chinese and EngLish menu. After selecting the language, press Confirm key, the screen displays the menus of the Glazed Tile and Roof Sheet. At this time, select Glazed Tile or Roof Sheet, then press Confirm. the computer enters the corresponding control program.


2. Operation description of PLC control cabinet of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Select the pre-press option on the home page, then press the [confirm] key, the host runs a section length, and presses, then stops.

Select the [run] option on the home page, and then press [determine] the key, the host runs on a set of parameters until the completion number is equal to the plan number stop, and if the number is greater than or equal to the plan number, press [run] key. "


Press a plate and stop. In operation, press the confirmation button to suspend the current action and resume the interrupted operation by pressing the confirmation button. If full stop, press [reset] key. The user can finish cutting a plate and wait for the knife to return.

By "reset" or turn off the power, stop halfway.