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Market Introduction Of Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jun 29, 2018

The popularity of Cold Roll Forming Machine in China is between the 50-60 twentieth Century. By the year of 80 twentieth Century, Cold Roll Forming Machine in the country set off the high tide of wave use, manufacturers also soar, East China, North China, northeast regions and other areas are distributed, but most of the small and medium-sized units, and the variety of specifications are not complete, very few. At that time, most of the material of the Cold Roll Forming Machine  was made of common carbon steel. The production of cold bending steel was only a small section of the total amount of steel, and there was a very big difference compared with other countries. Until the beginning of the drought, the growth of the cold-formed steel in the country began to have a historic overstep. And so far, there is still great room for development. 


The development history of Cold Roll Forming Machine can be traced back to around 1950, when the application of Roll Former was not very extensive, but only in agriculture. In the 1980, the Cold Roll Forming Machine has come to the high tide of development in China. The market began to expand from a region to East China and other regions, but the specifications and models are about 2000, and the foreign specifications have reached about 8000 to 10000, and the development scale is very small.


With the increasing demand for Cold Roll Formed Profiles, the future development of the Roll Forming Machine will also be very broad. After cold bending, the smoothness, appearance, size and so on can be adjusted according to the demand. At the same time, the cold bending steel production process can be very economical in material, saving metal 15-30%, less investment and flexible production. So cold formed steel has become an irresistible trend. Nowadays, in the trend of personalized economy, users are demanding more and more accuracy in shape and size of materials. For example, railway vehicles and road wagons are developed to special vehicles, which account for more than 60% of foreign countries. The diversification of the product will inevitably lead to the diversification of the material. And cold bending steel itself is based on special material, not general material, big goods, many varieties, production lot size is not large, super suitable for personalized customer demand.


Therefore, the domestic Cold Roll Forming Machinery industry resources should be integrated, strong and strong, strong and large, to cultivate excellent Chinese brands, to participate in international manufacturers' cooperation and merger and acquisition, to further realize the international professional division of labor, to actively participate in the production transfer and subcontracting of multinational enterprise groups, and to strengthen the application and electricity of enterprise information technology and electricity. Sub business applications bring enterprise resources into the industrial chain and supply chain.