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How To Avoid Surface Abrasion Of Cold Bending Profiles
Aug 04, 2018

The severity of surface abrasions on cold bending profiles


The cold bending profile produced by the cold roll forming machine,needs to be sold out in good outlook in the market. If the appearance of the product is seriously scratched, it will directly affect the sales. Therefore, when selecting cold rolling machine, the manufacturer of cold-bending profiles must pay attention to strict inspection of the machine before delivery. Judging the appearance and surface abrasion defects is subjective, and there is no testing standard. The degree of abrasion and scratch which can be received depends on the manufacturer or the customer. Therefore, when signing production orders with customers, the production and enterprises should have certain samples to qualify, which are acceptable and which are not. Evaluate based on the std sample.


How to avoid surface abrasions

Hot and cold rolled steel is not sensitive to surface abrasion. Metal coatings are relatively easy to form, but need to pay special attention to prevent the surface coating from being damaged by the roll. Good lubricants should be used to reduce the damage caused by friction between the strip and the roll. Some high-gloss metals (such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) should be formed with special care to avoid abrasions. In order to avoid surface damage, good roll design and roll processing technology are needed, more forming times are needed, different roll materials are needed, and the roll surface is polished. The design of roll can adopt idler roll (that is, the rolling speed is controlled by decoiler speed). , or sometimes you can change the molding shape std. The traditional roll rotation and the surface speed difference, will lead to abrasion to the surface. In general, more roll time can be more beneficial to solve the problem of bruises, but depends more on the surface of roll and roll the marching speed, notice to solve these problems, can greatly reduce the cold bending profile bruises.