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How Important Of The Opening Master To The Production Of A Cold Roll Forming Machine
Jul 12, 2018

The people who are familiar with the cold roll industry know that the cold roll forming machine is very short of the machine, because this kind of talent has no special training institutions, and the talent needs long-term work experience to be competent. The boot master is very important for the whole cold roll forming process, otherwise it will affect the normal production, or even lead to an indefinite extension of the delivery date. We know that the cold roll forming machine can not run steadily after purchasing from the production plant, and it is often maintained by the boot master. Next, let's list the key role of the boot master in the cold roll forming process.


1. The cold roll forming machine needs to be maintained regularly


Many parts of cold roll forming machine should be regularly maintained, such as regular inspection, loosening, regular addition of lubricating oil, regular inspection of the qualified rate of production parts, etc. If some problems can not be handled in time, when the problem is serious, it may cause the damage of the machine, or it is difficult to repair, the production of the workpiece is seriously unqualified. If the loose place can be reinforced regularly, it will not lead to serious deviation of the roller, timely detection and timely correction. Regular maintenance, equipment is not easy to wear, life expectancy can be extended.


Two, the starting master should not be replaced frequently.


It is best not to change the driver frequently. If there are more equipment in the factory, this is even more important. Changing new people requires familiarity for a long time, or even finding the right person. Therefore, we'd better train and use it for a long time, so that the equipment can run stably for a long time without affecting production tasks.


Three, when the production work is not qualified, it also reflects the importance of the boot crew. For cold roll forming, with its particularity, the debugger needs long work experience to accumulate, and there are different debugging ideas for different shaped section products. When the product pieces are produced out of shape, especially for the production of some complex profiles, a good debug master is needed. It is easier for people who know their fingertips to return to normal production.