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Five Methods To Judge The Color Steel Sheet
May 08, 2018

1. Check the plate thickness and lamination thickness

Color steel sheet is made of basis plate and lamination layer. We should check the thickness of the basis plate and lamination. The basis plate of the better  color steel sheet is 0.02mm-0.05mm. Lamination thickness is usually below  0.15mm. The thickness of the basis plate is very important for the color steel sheet’s use life time. Some suppliers changed the thickness of the basis plate and lamination. The reduce the thickness of the basis plate, but increase the lamination thickness, to down the production costs. This is greatly reduce the use life. 

2.Observe the edge

Take a color steel tile, check the cross-section part, is it close crystallization? Is it grey, dark or impurity. If the cross-section is close and tiny, the quality is good. 


Kick the color steel sheet, if the material is bad, the sound is stuffy, not the obvious metal sound. If the material is good, the color steel sheet’s metal sound is louder and clear.

4.Check the color steel sheet’s mill certificate

Is it conform to standard. If possible, go to the factory to make the investigation. Check the factory’s environment. Check their fame on the market.

5.Checking Price

You get what you pay for. When we checking the quality, price is important, but can’t only focus on price. If whose price is much lower than the other’s, we should make the cautions.