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Domestic Cold-formed Technology
Jan 31, 2018

Domestic cold-formed technology

In our country, since the construction of cold-formed units from the late 1950s, the process of development and adjustment has gone through twists and turns. Only 6 were made in the late 1970s. The cold-formed sections in our country developed rapidly in the 1980s and the output was only 16,000 tons in 1982. By 1989, more than 20 manufacturers in the country had output of more than 300,000 tons and a design capacity of more than 600,000 tons. Among them, 14 key plants of the metallurgical system, 45 sets of units and specifications of cold-formed steel products are also growing in number. Now Has reached more than 800 kinds. Under the favorable form of reform and opening up, the national economy has put forward new requirements on the varieties and quality of steel. The advantages of cold-formed steel are gradually recognized and accepted by people and the production of cold-formed steel has been greatly developed. Up to now, there are more than 100 sets of cold-bending units with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons, a total of more than 1,000 varieties specifications.

(1) The rough molding section adopts the combination of common roller and replacement roller. When replacing the product specifications, some of the racks need not be replaced, which can save the reserve of some rollers.

(2) The combination of flat roller roll, the roughing section for the six-rack, vertical roll group of roller tilting arrangement, roller small size, weight reduction than traditional roller molding machine more than 1/3, the device structure is more compact.

(3) The roller curve is simple, easy to manufacture and repair, high roll recycling rate.

(4) Stable forming. The mill has strong applicability to the thin-walled tube and the rear wall tube forming, and has a wide range of product specifications. The first set of CR-Φ219 molding unit designed by the hospital was officially put into operation in Tianjin Jinhai Associated Pipe Plant in August 1992. However, there is a big gap between China and other developed countries in terms of output, quality, variety, consumption and application field, equipment level and technological level, which is disproportionate to the status of steel-producing countries with an annual output of nearly 100 million tons. It can be expected that cold-formed steel is bound to have a greater development in our country.