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Do You Understand The Operation Process Of The Solar Strut Channel Support?
Oct 22, 2018

Do you understand the operation process of the solar strut channel support? Let’s know more about it.


1. In order to further optimize the installation of solar strut channel support construction drawings, according to the number of roots, location, elevation, direction, the operation of the reserved pipeline, determine the overall space, size and installation spacing of seismic support.


2. When making solar strut channel support system, it is necessary to consider the actual outside diameter and insulation thickness of various pipes to determine the form and size of the hoop. If necessary, pressure pipes must also be inspected for force calculations to select specifications for various profiles.


3. The first solar strut channel support after pipeline installation: According to the direction of pipeline and the range of missile line, the installation position of aseismic bracket and the distance between brackets are determined. According to the comprehensive layout level of the pipeline, the construction sequence of each functional pipeline is determined, and the rear inner side is outside.


4. All bolts and nuts must be connected with flat washers and spring washers to ensure that the solar panel is firmly fixed.