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Cold Forming
Jan 31, 2018

Cold forming is a material saving, energy saving, high efficiency sheet metal forming new technology, new technology. Using this process, not only to produce high-quality steel products, but also to shorten the cycle of product development, improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Cold Forming has evolved into the most effective sheet metal forming technology in the last half century. 35% to 45% of the strip rolled in North America is produced by cold forming into more products than steel for the automotive industry.

In recent years, cold-formed steel products have been widely used as important structural members in many fields such as construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and machinery manufacturing. Its products from ordinary rails, doors and windows and other structural parts to some special purpose for the manufacture of special profiles, a very wide range of types. Cold-formed steel per unit weight of the cross-section performance is better than the hot-rolled steel products, and has a high surface finish and dimensional accuracy, cold-formed steel instead of hot-rolled steel can achieve the dual effect of saving both steel and energy saving, so people cold The development of curved steel has given great importance. It is the user of cold-formed steel products, varieties, specifications, quality and other aspects of the constant thirst, prompting cold-formed technology rapid development.