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Cold Bending Machine Distortion Solution
Jan 31, 2018

Cold bending machine distortion solution:

1, Deformation area Neutral layer is calculated accurately, the material in the deformation area is calculated accurately, and the symmetry of the wheel is good.

2, no deformation area as far as possible from pressure (such as the bottom of the slide), the assembly of the upper and lower roller clearance of the regional consistent.

3, the material bite before, should be based on the state before rolling Road, set the guide ramp, the pressure in the stable before the slip in the smooth material.

4, roller processing accuracy is the key, for this purpose, special production tools for the projector under the projector to enlarge 20 times for testing.

5, the main drive side, the use of tapered roller bearings, to ensure that the spindle radial runout within 0.04MM, to ensure that the spindle will not move around, the ball bearing itself there is a gap in the precise transmission can not be avoided in the axial movement.

6, bending the production of the problem, mainly caused by imbalance in force, about the force imbalance, left and right bending, up and down force imbalance, resulting in distortions. Solution: design force balance, processing accuracy, easy installation and adjustment.