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China's Large Forging Equipment And Manufacturing Technology Reach The World's Advanced Level.
Sep 07, 2018

According to the information from China Machinery Industry Corporation, the 16500 tons free forging hydraulic press developed by China Heavy Machinery Research Institute, which has completely independent intellectual property rights, has been in operation for more than a month in Shanghai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. This indicates that China's large forging equipment and large forging manufacturing technology has reached the world's advanced level.


The 16500 tons large-scale free forging hydraulic press has been put into operation, which makes the free forging reach the maximum production capacity of 600 tons per piece. In addition to meeting the urgent needs of the national economic development, it will lay a foundation for the export of large-scale and large-scale forging products in China.


Due to historical reasons, the development of large-scale free forging equipment and forging technology in China is relatively backward, which can not meet the demand of economic development for high-quality large-scale free forgings.


It is understood that the traditional free forging hydraulic press is divided into two types: water press and hydraulic press. The early large-scale free forging hydraulic press generally adopted the pump-accumulator transmission mode because the domestic hydraulic technology could not meet the production requirements. At present, five sets of hydraulic forging machines with more than 10000 tons are used as hydraulic press. The 16500 tons free forging hydraulic press developed by China Heavy Machinery Research Institute adopts the technical scheme of full hydraulic system driven directly by oil pump. The forging quality has been improved obviously because of its high pressure, stable and controllable reduction speed, and easy control of deformation rhythm.