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Which is more anti-corrosion for steel strut channel and Aluminum strut channel?
Oct 08, 2018

Which is more anti-corrosion for steel strut channel and Aluminum strut channel? We can compare them from following points.


1. For Steel strut channel. Hot dip galvanizing 55-80 micron Hot dip galvanizing steel usually be used for the material. But for Aluminum strut channel, anodizing of 5-10 micron aluminum alloy are used as the main anti-corrosion methods of the support.


2. Aluminum alloy is in passivation zone under atmospheric environment. A dense oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum alloy, which prevents the surface of active aluminum from contacting with the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, aluminum alloy has very good corrosion resistance and the corrosion rate decreases with time.


3. Under normal conditions (C1-C4 environment), the thickness of 80 micron galvanized steel can be guaranteed to be used for more than 20 years, but the corrosion rate is accelerated in high humidity industrial zones or high salinity seashore or even temperate seawater. The galvanized steel needs 100 micron, and the galvanized steel needs regular maintenance every year.


4. Corrosion prevention aluminum alloy is much higher than steel.

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