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Which cold roll forming machine is the best choice for your company
Jul 23, 2018

Most of time, we just buy things that fit, that is well enough. In fact, the purchase of cold roll forming machines should also follow such purchase principles, otherwise it may be  pursue one certain aspect and lead to production failure or higher investment. So which kind of cold roll forming machine is the most suitable for your company? To answer this question, we need to analyze a few questions: the expected investment how much money? Can I recruit a professional operator (preferably know how to adjust the equipment)? which level of automation needs? How many sales are expected? Below, we will briefly describe the relationship between several problems.


I. which kind of cold roll forming machines should be purchased for small capital investment?

Here refers to the small factory, or the individual production workshop, empolyee are not much, small investment, this kind of circumstance, may want to consider automation degree is not high, (of course, the general type is also from decoiler to forming in automatic molding, here refers to a higher level of automation equipment), so the priority is to reduce the early stage of the equipment, such as about 10 thousands of general configuration of the equipment, and high automation, (high configuration of the equipment is about 100 thousands ), also can produce the same artifacts. In addition, when the operators are not enough, the degree of automation is too high, which may affect the normal production. Generally speaking, the higher degree of automation, the more risk of problems. Once problems occur, no one will deal with them in time, which will affect production. In this case, suggest to purchase less automated equipment.


Ii. Which kind of cold roll forming machines should customers with large investment choose?

In general, the big capital investment is a large-scale sales expectations, in this case, employee are enough, such as operator to lauch, equipment debugging operator and so on,in  this situation,should pursue of high automation, improve the capacity and efficiency, reduce the unit cost.

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