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What should be noticed in the acceptance of cold bending molding machine?
Jul 18, 2018

In the process of selling equipment, it is often encountered that customers reflect the equipment ordered before, and all kinds of problems can not be solved after the factory, and the manufacturers' after sale can not keep up, seriously affecting production, even the equipment is not used at all, and is directly discarded. This situation is not uncommon in the cold roll forming  machine industry. The main reason is that the equipment manufacturers chosen are not good enough in technology, and the design is unreasonable. And if we are serious in the acceptance of the equipment, a few strict, such problems can be avoided as much as possible, the problem can be found in the equipment manufacturers in time, the demand for modification or even direct return.


Then, what problems should we pay attention to when we check and accept the situation mentioned above?


First, measure the precision of the product. The precision of the product is the key index of the whole equipment. The accuracy shows whether the roller design of the cold roll forming machine is qualified, or whether the debug is successful or not, the two items, any unqualified, should be treated first by the manufacturer.


Two. Check the material of the equipment and whether the brand is in accordance with the contract. The material mentioned here is mainly the material of the cold bending roll, the material used for the roller is good, the processing technology passes through, and the life time of the whole set of equipment will be long. The brand of electrical appliances determines the stability of the circuit control system, and the brand should be strictly according to the contract.


Three, automatic production inspection. If the continuity of automatic production is not good, it will affect the efficiency of production, or even can not be produced at all. So, we should buy more steel strip to the production plant test machine.


Four, punching die, cutting die inspection. Check whether the punching and cutting meet the standards and check whether the burrs are too large. Check the quality of the material of the mold.


Five, product surface finish, straightness test. These indicators affect the selling phase, and fail to meet the standards. They should be handled well by the manufacturer.


The above mentioned problems are often encountered in the cold roll forming machine industry, these problems should be handled well in the production plant, otherwise, it is difficult to handle the machine when the machine is pulled into its own factory.


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