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What’s the main advantages of the metal tile roll forming machine
Mar 17, 2018

Metal tile roll forming machine is specially design and manufacture for roll form  various kinds of metal tiles. The machine mainly including Un-decoiler, Straightness device, Guiding device, Roll Forming unit, Receiving tables, PCL system cabinet, etc.


The metal tiles which produced by Metal tile roll forming machine has some advantages, such as smooth panel face and line texture. It can be an effective waterproof and rain proof, making metal tiles an ideal roofing material.

 4 downspout roll forming machine.jpg

Comparing the traditional production mode, using the metal tile roll forming machine can greatly improve the production efficiency. There just need 2-3 manpower to operate the machine. It is easy operate and low labor strength. And the production speed of the tile roll forming machine can be adjusted.


More important is that the reliability of the metal tile forming machine. Because of its hydraulic and pneumatic components, electrical system are imported high-quality components, it has the stable performance and high reliability. The metal tile roll forming machine can not only produce high quality metal tile products, but also helps to prolong its own use life time.

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