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What’s the Color Steel Sandwich Plate Machine
Sep 10, 2018

Color Steel Sandwich Plate production line on the market is the composite plate equipment with foamed benzene plate and the color steel plate equipment with rockwool fireproof insulation plate.


The Color Steel Sandwich Plate Machine is composed of forming machine, transmission machine, composite machine, shearing machine, discharging platform and so on. The forming machine is used to produce the upper layer of the roof sandwich panel, usually of several types. The transmission machine mainly transfers the insulation materials such as roof, wall and foam rock wool into the composite machine. For the core part of the equipment, it is mainly to glue the upper and lower two layers of the board and the insulation material in the middle. The finished product is cut off by the shearing machine and landed on the feeding platform. The whole production line is completed.


Because the country strongly advocates green production and construction, rock wool insulation board is more widely applied in the construction industry. Because rock wool sandwich composite board than foam sandwich composite board insulation effect is better, and the intermediate rock wool material has irreplaceable fire resistance. (Rock wool belongs to inorganic materials, rock wool is used basalt, dolomite, etc. as the main raw materials, after high-temperature melting, by high-speed centrifugal equipment made of artificial inorganic fibers, with a very strong thermal insulation and fire resistance.


In order to meet the broad market demand, Lebron-Machinery® has developed a dual-purpose foam rock wool machine in addition to the full-automatic production line of foam composite board, which not only guarantees the diversity of production and sales, but also meets the concept of market demand diversification, bringing greater business opportunities to entrepreneurs.


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