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What is the working principle of the Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine
Aug 08, 2018

For the working principle of Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine, the first thing to know is its components. The Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine is composed of six parts. The six parts are Cold Roll Forming, Hydraulic system, Electric Control System, Mechanical transmission, base and auxiliary system. 


Then it is the working principle of the Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, which is the initial work. First, the door type bracket in the auxiliary system is placed in the center of the two active rollers, and then the hydraulic system is followed, so that the hydraulic cylinder will push the OVD trough and the cold bending roller for cold pressure steel in this process until the desired arc is reached. The hydraulic system can be closed at the time of degree.


This time to start the mechanical system, let the active roller turn and rely on friction to drive the steel slowly forward, so a continuous and efficient cold roll forming operation can be realized. After the end, the whole work process can be completed by closing the mechanical transmission, starting the hydraulic system, making the hydraulic cylinder back to its original state, and placing the cold roll formed steel on the door type bracket of the auxiliary system. Seemingly simple process, but in many subtle points worthy of attention and conscientious operation.


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