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What is the working principle of cold roll forming machine?
Jul 05, 2018

The cold roll forming machine is a new type of equipment for processing and supporting steel arches. A complete cold roll forming machine consists of six parts:base, mechanical drive, cold roll forming system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system.

When working, the type of cold roll forming steel is pushed by the door type bracket of the auxiliary system between the two active rollers, and the hydraulic system is started to push the hydraulic cylinder to push the swallowtail and cold roll forming wheel to roll forming the metal.  The hydraulic system will be closed when the required arc of the design is reached, and the mechanical drive system is started to turn the active roller and rely on the friction force.


The driven steel moves steadily and slowly, so as to realize continuous cold roll forming operation. At the end of cold roll forming, close the mechanical transmission system and start the hydraulic system to recover the hydraulic cylinder. Place the cold-formed steel on the door bracket of the auxiliary system. This roll forming operation ensures the strength of the material, improves the quality of the supporting steel arch, greatly improves the work efficiency, and the operation is simple and clear. Compared with the press, the cold roll forming machine has good working performance.


Generally speaking, cold-formed steel is mainly used in iron and steel enterprises and construction industry in China. Cold bending steel is widely used in foreign construction industry. It is used as roof frame, purlin, truss, rigid frame, wall frame, keel, roof panel, wallboard, floor, door and window, even container, pipe, cofferdam, steel sheet pile, breakwater and so on. In recent years, the reticulated shells, shelving, single storey and multi-storey houses made of cold-formed steel have also developed rapidly.


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