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What is the straightening technology of the cable tray roll forming machine?
Aug 21, 2018

One of the basic principles of cable tray roll forming machine is that the strip is running along a straight line in the longitudinal direction. However, the pressure produced during the process of bending deformation, with the residual stress of the strip, will cause deviation on the machine. The most common words used to describe the deviation of the strip from the last forming roll are: lateral bending - Horizontal bending, warping - vertical bending, twisting - spiral. To solve this problem, straightening mechanism should be used at the end part of the cable tray roll forming machine.


The basic principle of the straightening mechanism is that for profiles with side bending and warping defects, the straightening device can produce permanent deformation by optimizing enough pressure along the opposite direction. If the deformation along the opposite direction is appropriate, the profile can be completely straightened after spring-back.


If the profile is distorted in one direction, the straightening mechanism rotates the profile in the opposite direction in sequence, resulting in permanent plastic deformation. If the rotation angle is right, after the spring-back, the profile will no longer be twisted.


Straightening of bending or twisting is usually carried out between the last forming roller and the cutting die. If the last roller can’t support the profile effectively, the whole section must be supported when the profile enter into the side of the straightening mechanism. Straightening of unsymmetrical profiles is that twisting deformation may occur while straightening. At this time, bending and twisting straightening should be carried out simultaneously in the opposite direction of profile deformation. In the straightening process, the profile will move up and down, so the gap between the straightening mechanism and the profile should be relatively loose. There can be a gap between the straightening mechanism and the surface of the profile.


The straightening mechanism on the cable tray roll forming machine which commonly used is the Turkey correction head.

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