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What is the cold roll forming machine
Feb 09, 2018

What is the roll forming machine?


Roll forming is a forming craft that continuously forming the metal sheet. Feeding the metal sheet through the continuous roll forming by the front rollers, up rollers, below rollers, even the side rollers, then get the required cross-sections.


C purlin roll forming machinea.jpg

The work theory

Roll forming is the continuously forming craft that make the sheets, strips or coils metal materials through the continuously forming, finally form the basically uniform cross-section. The materials which produced by roll forming machine are widely used in the areas such as constructions, decorations, office furniture, household electric appliances, etc. Roll forming machine can form various kinds of black and color metal materials. MS and Aluminium is the most used materials. A whole cold roll forming machine line usually including decoiler, roll forming machine, cutting device and receiving table. Production average speed 8m-12m/min.

Tolerance of roll forming

The size tolerance of the product produced by roll forming machine is depends on the raw material’s width, thickness, the roller material, tooling quality, machine condition and the operator’s skill level. The tolerance of the cross-section normally keep in 0.25mm~0.6mm.

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