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What is the new type of downwater plumbing system?
May 03, 2018

New downspout equipment system in the breakthrough, on the basis of traditional buildings fell down, further study of roof drainage abroad, combined with the characteristics of the building and development of domestic PVC drainage system, it has the following features:

1. The falling water pipe system adopts the design of double wall large radian, so that the product has both drainage function and decorative effect, which can enrich the overall effect of the building.

2, the water system USES double-wall rone and choose import impact resistant additives, makes the component there are both strength and toughness, node design is reasonable, considering both rone sealing performance, and fully consider the convenient construction and there will be no water phenomenon.

3. The water pipe equipment system is made of ethylene high polymer material, with unique formulation, excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, excellent weather resistance, no oxidation, no corrosion and no pollution to the wall.

4, complete fittings and accessories, drowning the organized drainage, have a very good protection effect on the lawn planting, avoid the effect of free water sludge splashed metope wall effect, the storm sewer transition joints, fittings such as arc rainwater head solves the balcony, floor drain position unified drainage and air conditioning condensing organized water etc, so as to ensure the system to be more perfect, to meet the requirements of domestic architecture.

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