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What is LGS (Light Guage Steel) Keel?
Jun 05, 2018

We all know that light steel keel roll forming machines are mainly for produce light guage steel keel. What is the light guage steel keel?


Light guage steel (lacquer) keel is a new type of building material. With the development of China's modernization, in recently years, it has been widely used in hotels, terminal buildings, passenger stations, stations, theaters, shopping malls, factories, office buildings, renovation of old building buildings, interior decoration, ceiling and other fields.


Light steel (lacquer) keel ceiling has the advantages of light weight, high strength, adaptability to waterproof, shock proof, dust-proof, sound insulation, sound absorption, constant temperature and so on. At the same time, it has the advantages of short time and simple construction, so it is widely used by users and design units.


The saying means that the interior of the house has angle steel and I-steel and so on. It is located in the walls and beams of the house. This kind of house can be preserved well in the earthquake, but few of them have such a house. The reason is that the cost is high, it has a certain influence on the temperature and other conditions in the city. It is not very clear in Shanghai, but in Dalian, there are some, 1 big. 5000RMB/ square meter.


The light steel keel has a ceiling keel and a keel for use. According to the section, there are V, C, T and L keel.


Lebron-Machinery is professional manufacturing the high quality Light Guage Steel Keel Roll Forming Machines. And most of them are exported to Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, etc.

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