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What are the types of storage racks?
Aug 16, 2018

Storage racks (also called storage shelves) which produced by the storage rack roll forming machine generally belong to storage equipment. They are widely used in the field of logistics.  Now, more and more enterprises need to use storage racks, and racks are an indispensable tool in the field of storage. Especially in modern industrial warehouses, racks play a big role. With the rapid development of China's logistics industry, warehousing shelves have also been very good application, promoting the rapid development of this field.


Now, the storage racks are mainly divided into three categories.


Classified according to load-bearing capacity, Racks can be divided into light, medium and heavy types. Classified according to the process modeling, there are mold shelves, beam shelves, Gallery shelves, gravity shelves, cantilever shelves, attic shelves, fluent shelves, shuttle truck shelves, etc.


According to the functional use, they can be classified to load-bearing shelves. Functional use is also a classification focus, such as supermarket shelves, as well as logistics, libraries and other places. The shelves used are different, which is classified according to different functions. Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine is in great demand at present because there are too many storage racks need to produce and to use.


Lebron-machinery is producing high quality storage rack roll forming machines, most of them are exported to Australia, U.K, Thailand, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

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