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What are the processes to buy light steel keel roll forming machine?
Aug 16, 2018

Because the light steel keel machine is large and expensive, it is not the same as the purchase of small object equipment, the whole purchase process is more rigorous, so the user should also pay attention to some matters.


First, choose the product. Each user has his own needs, so the demand for equipment is definitely different. Before the purchase, the selection of the general light steel keel roll forming machine, the actual demand and the price can be taken to choose, this will be able to narrow the scope, reduce a lot of trouble.


Second, contact the seller. If the light steel keel roll forming machine is selected well, we should contact the seller in time. In the process of contact, we should determine the manufacturer of the equipment, whether there is a certificate of qualification, etc. The more detailed the information is, the more the user will be in the heart.


Third, the price. Understand the basic information of the equipment, if the user is more satisfied with all aspects of the equipment, we can let the seller quote the price, so that the market price can be understood in advance in order to judge whether the price is reliable.


Fourth, the contract is signed. If the above links are all right, then both sides need to sign a contract, read the contract terms in detail, if there is no agreement, even if the negotiations.


Fifth, pay the deposit. Users need to pay a portion of the deposit to the seller as a safeguard for the seller. After receiving the confirmation of the deposit, the seller began to manufacture the equipment.


Sixth, the seller consignments. After the manufacture of the light steel keel machine is finished, we have to deliver the goods to the user.


Seventh, harvest acceptance. After receiving the goods, the users should check the equipment immediately to see whether the equipment is of quality. The simple method of acceptance is to carry out the trial run.


Eighth, install and debug. The installation and commissioning is the seller's service, and the seller should help the users install and debug the light steel keel machine.

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