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What are the preparation works before construction of pre-engineered building (PEB)
Aug 28, 2018

Design period


1. According to the intention of the construction unit, understand its overall idea, and according to the construction drawings of the design unit for construction.


2. Actively participate in the examination of drawings, promptly ask questions and replies, and actively recommend excellent architectural node atlas to construction units and design units.


3. In the design process, according to the intention of the construction unit, actively assist the construction unit in selecting and ordering various materials.


Two. Raw material supply period


1. Purchase raw materials according to the construction drawings approved by the construction unit, and all supplies must meet the IS09001 quality standards.


2. All purchasing materials must obtain the qualification certificate of material analysis sheet, inspection certificate and so on.


Three. making and transportation


1. Before making the steel components, relevant personnel should be arranged for technical disclosure.


2. After the completion of the technical submission, according to the requirements of the engineering design, the detailed production process plan is worked out, and the requirements of the construction machinery and tools and the arrangement of the production personnel and welding materials are put forward.


3. Because the steel components of this project are manufactured in the factory and installed outside the factory, the steel components should be manufactured in detail to distinguish the components of each installation unit, after the completion of the production according to the (GB50205-2001) acceptance and issuance of component certificate.


4. During the construction of steel structure, attention should be paid to collecting and collating all kinds of data.


5. Ten days before the steel structure is finished and shipped, all kinds of transport vehicles should be contacted, and all kinds of materials should be inspected and packed and transported in time.


Four. Installation period


1. Five days before the material arrives at the site, the company will send a person to the site to make good contact with various transportation and loading and unloading equipment, so as to make full preparations for the work of the project.


2. Because the installation principle of the project is to guide the technical personnel in the factory and organize the installation force, the company will send people to make a good manpower allocation plan, carefully select the necessary types of personnel, and carry out the installation technology and safety report before construction, and make good records, while implementing the project quality and safety objectives.


3. Before the construction of the project, the personnel of the construction unit shall go through all the necessary formalities for the construction of the local project and plan the construction and installation process.


4. Acceptance records of each installation process should be handed over to each other, and must do timely rework and repair to the unqualified products.

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