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What are the notices for the staff who operate the light steel keel roll forming machine?
Aug 15, 2018

The light steel keel roll forming machine is widely used, especially in the industry. Everyone knows that there are many large equipment in the industrial usage, so there are also some hidden dangers. How many safety procedures do you know about using the light steel keel roll forming machine?


First, the staff should be trained. Before operate the light steel keel roll forming machine, the staff should be trained strictly. The content and operation of the training are closely related, including how to use the equipment, how to maintain the equipment, etc.


Second, the staff should have the certificates. The staff of the relevant departments often go to the workshop for inspection. If the staff do not have the certificates, they will be punished to the enterprises and staff in different degrees.


Third, staff should replenish the equipment knowledge. Now, the high-tech is developing rapidly,  equipment knowledge update and replacement is also very fast, if don’t want to be eliminated, the staff should keep pace with the times, often learn the new knowledge of equipment, full use of the work to find a better experience.


Fourth, do good maintenance in time. The maintenance work of the light steel keel roll forming machine can not be ignored. Large enterprises will have a detailed division of labor and professional maintenance personnel. Although the division of labor is not very meticulous, as a staff member should also often check the equipment, find problems in time to solve, do not pile up, to avoid serious problems.


Fifth, clean regularly. The daily cleaning of light steel keel roll forming machine is not complicated. Simple cleaning is to remove the dirt and dust on the surface of the light steel keel roll forming machine. A little more complex is to replace the lubricating oil, the use of lubricating oil must be reliable, as far as possible to choose good quality, especially do not choose more impurities. 

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