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What are the improve steps of the C purlin roll forming machine
Jul 28, 2018

C purlin roll forming machine is a very important roll forming machine which can produce many different sizes C purlins.


This C purlin roll forming machine is usually formed by de-coiler, leveler, punching hole device, hydraulic cutting device and computer control system, etc. The main improve steps including the following 4 sides:


1. Add the measure length device and saw, the when the output length reached the set length, the saw starts to work, automatically cut off the C purlin.

2. Add one hydraulic Punch-hole device. The device can Punch 4 holes at one time. The saw cut the middle part of the C purlin. Then, we can get the closed two holes on the head and end.

3. Then add a middle-hole punch device. During the roll forming process, punch the middle holes according to user’s demand. The max number of the holes are 16.

4. For punching the double holes in the middle of C purlin by the C purlin roll forming machine, we can change the 4 side-holes punch molds to the 2 side-holes punch molds, revise the program of punching side-hole. Make the side-hole punch device punch the double holes in the middle part. Meantime, the distance of the middle-hole is set by user. This C purlin roll forming machine can mostly punch 8 groups double-holes.

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