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What are the functions of storage shelves?
Aug 14, 2018

There are many functions of storage shelves which were produced by storage rack roll forming machine. There are several main points:


First, the use of three-dimensional structure, can be a good use of space, improve the use of warehouses, expand storage capacity.


Second, storage of goods is very convenient, we can see in the supermarket shelves, storage is very convenient, can be 100% of the selection, very smooth, handy.


Third, It is clear at a glance. And it is very convenient for the inventory and division. It is beneficial for the inventory. For the warehouse, this is very important, and it must be convenient for the inventory.


Fourth, can do better manage. For a large number of goods, especially a wide variety of goods, using shelves is very good. Can cooperate with the conveying machinery for handling, can be orderly, can also avoid the mutual extrusion of goods caused damage, greatly reducing the loss of objects.


In addition, storage shelf also has moisture-proof, rain-proof and anti-theft functions. It greatly improve the quality of goods storage. It can also meet the needs of modernization, especially low cost, low loss, high efficiency, which is needed by modern enterprises. The shelf has a large bearing capacity, no deformation, dis-assembly is very convenient, very durable, so it is widely used.

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