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What are the features of Gutter Roll Forming Machine
Aug 01, 2018

In the process of making the Gutter Roll Forming Machine, the average force of the full line rollers is balanced, so that the service life of the rollers can be extended.


The C12MoV material’s wear resistance is suitable for the rollers of the Gutter Roll Forming  Machine. The concrete strength and hardness of the product are contradictory. The heat treatment craft mainly for use the red hardness of the C12MoV material. After quenching, must do two or three times of tempering, then the rollers can reach the hardness requirement.


The orbit arc of the Gutter Roll Forming Machine is the core part of the slide rail. The circular arc position of the former several pressing forms will effectively protect the formed circular arc, effectively through the upper and lower rollers or the transverse wheels.


In the process of drawing, the arc position of the Gutter Roll Forming Machine will change, its R becomes small into triangle, the steel ball will not down to end, then, the contacted two points will produce noises. When the R becomes larger, the coordination rail will slosh, the track is fuzzy, cause the force not equal, and will result the slide rail deformed and shorten the service time..


The problem of stability of Gutter Roll Forming Machine. During the gutter’s production process, for the wring problems often encounter. In fact, It is because the single group of roller is asymmetrical. If the left force is large, the material will swing to the right, if the right force is large, the material will swing to the left.


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