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What are the design and manufacturing features of the roller of cold roll forming machine?
Aug 20, 2018

Rollers are the important parts of the cold roll forming machine. Its design and manufacturing features are as follows:


(1). Each pass should bear the average force so that wear can be balanced and the service life of the rollers can be prolonged.


(2). The roller material is C12MoV. Because this material has a good wear resistance. But we should also pay attention to the hardness and strength.


(3). Effective tube bundle protection should be carried out for upper and lower rollers, and cross rollers, otherwise, some problems may arise during use. For example, the slide-way will appear track fuzzy, deformation and other phenomena, but also uneven force, thus shortening its service life.


(4). Roll forming machine should take into account the stability of rolling during the rolling process. If the material is left and right in the raceway, then we should take corresponding measures. For example, the clearance of the rollers should be kept at the same time during assembly.


(5). In the production process, if there is bending and twisting phenomenon, then the main reason is the unbalanced force, so we should balance the force in the design, so as to be able to process accurately.

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