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What are the common Solar Strut Channel materials?
Sep 30, 2018

At present, it is our aim to take the road of sustainable development. Solar energy is a clean energy source. When use solar energy, it must install high-quality Solar Strut Channel Supports, the quality of Solar Strut Channel Support will also affect the overall performance.


At present, the widely used Solar Strut Channel system in China can be divided into three types: concrete strut channel support, steel strut channel support and aluminum strut channel support.


1. Concrete strut channel supports are mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power plants, because of their self-weight, can only be placed in the field, and the foundation of good areas, but high stability, can support a huge size of panels.


2. The steel strut channel support has stable performance, mature manufacturing technology, high bearing capacity, simple installation, excellent corrosion resistance, beautiful and unique connection design, convenient and rapid installation, simple installation tools, steel and stainless steel parts with structural corrosion-resistant materials, service life usually more than 20 years.


3. Aluminum strut channel supports are generally used in roof solar energy applications of civil buildings. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, light weight, beautiful and durable, but its bearing capacity is low and can not be used in solar power plant projects.


Lebron-Machinery is producing high quality Strut Channel Roll Forming Machines. They are widely used for the production of high quality Solar Strut Channel Supports.


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