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What are the common installation methods of Solar Strut Channel?
Oct 06, 2018

Solar Strut Channel Support is a special support designed for the placement, installation and fixing of solar panels in photovoltaic power generation system. Next, we will explain the installation methods of common Solar Strut Channel Support.


Solar Strut Channel Support has a variety of classification, according to the connection mode,it is divided into welding and assembly; according to the installation structure,it is divided into fixed and day-by-day; according to the installation location,it is divided into ground and roof type. No matter what kind of photovoltaic system, its support structure is similar, including connectors, columns, keels, beams, auxiliary parts and so on.


Ground photovoltaic system is a kind of photovoltaic system which is installed on open ground outdoors. In general, it adopts the form of concrete block foundation. It can also be directly buried or ground anchored. (special soil mechanics should be consulted by special soil mechanics).


Roofs are divided into slope and plane according to inclination angle. For sloping roofs, it is usually planned to conform to the roof gradient layout, and it can also be used to form a certain inclination angle with the roof, but this method is relatively complex; less used. For flat roofs, there are two options: flat and inclined.


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