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What are the characteristics of the Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
Aug 27, 2018

This Sandwich Panel Production Line is a multiple functional automatic production line, which integrates the mechanical, chemical industry, electronic control, hydraulic, pneumatic and temperature control technologies. The whole Sandwich Panel production line is composed of uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming system, preheating system, foaming system, double crawler system, cutting system, cooling system, electric control system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system. It has the characteristics of high automation, high production efficiency and easy operation.


The Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine has the following features:


1. Microcomputer program control, easy to operate (remote control handle) , and the motor with automatic delay lighting.


2. Super silent, Environmental-protection


3. Power failure has emergency lock, easy to switch.


4. Safe, firm, double-decked color steel plate, the total thickness of the door plate can reach 4-5 cm, the middle door body of the door panel uses internationally recognized thermal insulation and sound insulation material - polyurethane.


5. Beautiful, Elegant, Simple and Generous.


6. Rebound when blocked, guarantee the person and machine safety.


7. Scientific principle, set torsion spring, torsion and door weight equivalent, so that the door body is in a "zero weight" state, and run according with the guild-rails , so the resistance is small, less energy consumption, low maintenance rate, durable.


8. The components are easy to remove and update, which is good for maintenance.


Continuous Sandwich Panel production line is mainly composed of composite mainframe, upper and lower garage door plate roll forming press, high-pressure polyurethane foaming machine, automatic tracking cutting machine.


Jiangsu Lebron Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various types of high quality continuous Sandwich Panel Production Lines, and exported to India, Thailand, the United States and other countries

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