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What are the characteristics of the decelerating equipment of the roll forming machine?
Aug 23, 2018

The deceleration equipment of the roll forming machine is the equipment that mainly controls the running speed of the cold roll forming machine. Whether its operation is normal directly determines the working state of the roll forming, but do you know the characteristics of the deceleration equipment of the cold roll forming machine?


The deceleration equipment of the cold roll forming machine is also called the reducer. It mainly consists of transmission parts, shaft, bearing, box and its accessories.


It has the following characteristics:


One: High-speed ratio and high-efficiency single-stage transmission, can reach 1:87 deceleration ratio, the efficiency is more than 90%, if the use of multi-stage transmission, deceleration ratio is greater.


Second. Compact structure and small volume because of the use of planetary transmission principle, input shaft and output shaft in the same axis line, so that its model to obtain the smallest possible size.


Third: The smooth running noise and low cycloid pin teeth have more meshing teeth, large overlap coefficient and the mechanism of balancing machine parts, so that the vibration and voice are limited to a minimum.


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