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What are the characteristics of CZ interchangeable purlin cold roll forming machine
Aug 10, 2018

C/Z interchangeable purlin production line, which is the same production line can produce two different specifications of purlins, and the C type and Z type purlin transformation can be automated production, improve the conversion and production efficiency of the equipment. In the process of conversion, the screen of the equipment is displayed with digital pictures. When changing the specifications, there is no need to replace the forming roller. C/Z swap and specification adjustment can be completed in a matter of seconds. The automatic control mode is adopted in the production process, and the equipment can also be automatically adjusted and formed according to the shape, specification, length, longitudinal hole distance and quantity of the input purlin.


Technical description of each part of CZ interchangeable purlin roll forming machine


1. Hydraulic uncoiler

The uncoiler is mainly composed of Uncoiler rack, mandrel, brake device, material pressing mechanism and so on.


2. Leveling device:

The leveling device for the production line of C/Z interchangeable purlin is mainly composed of sheet material importing device, driving roll of the guide plate and adjustable guiding device on both sides of the equipment to improve the efficiency of leveling.


3. Hydraulic punching device

The structure of the hydraulic punching device of the C/Z interchangeable purlin production line is Longmen type. We can make the hydraulic punching device a whole and use two sets of punching machines to make the power source of the equipment under the oil cylinder pressure. One group is 2 punching holes, the other is 1 punching, which can be adjusted laterally and improve the efficiency of regulation.


4. Fast changing type roller press molding machine

The driving roller motor of the device adopts a plunger hydraulic motor and is supplied by a centralized hydraulic station.

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