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What are the characteristics of color steel glazed tile?
Sep 05, 2018

Color steel glazed tile is a new building material. Because of its light weight, high strength, good waterproof, easy and fast to install, it is widely used in villas roof, urban flat slope, tourist attractions and other buildings.


The color glazed tile has excellent decoration, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Complete color, bright color (can maintain more than 15 years), long service life (30-50 years), wide use, has become the world's construction industry widely used preferred products.


Characteristics of color steel glazed tile


Classical beauty, traditional beauty


Simple construction


Comparing with other materials, the construction of light materials and various auxiliary materials is not only shorten construction period, but also simplify construction method, and can keep the beautiful roof without repairing.


Excellent durability


Color steel glazed tiles can last three to four times longer than traditional corrugated tiles. They are tightly joined, waterproof, rust-free and can maintain bright colors for a long time.


Color diversity


A variety of colors and patterns can be designed. Because it does not fade, it always gives people the feeling of a new house.

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